About me

This site contains only my ideas, my experiences and my studies related to the development of services based on web applications and mobile apps.

I started my professional career as software developer in 1994 using C/C++ for Windows NT 3.51 to create software to manage remotely pressurizers used by telephone company.

From 1995 to 2001 I created a quite popular file compressors utility and file manager utility for Windows 95/Windows NT/Windows 2000 sold in Europe, USA and Japan; the software was created using Delphi.

In 2000 I started to be interested in mobile devices so I created software for Palm OS and Symbian for the business Italian market.

I have been involved in the beta testing of Visual Studio 2003 that was introducing the new ‘.NET Compact Framework’ to create software for Windows CE and Windows Mobile (Windows PocketPC at that time).

All the application for Symbian and Windows CE/Windows Mobile were targeted to the business market and they were offline applications: the database on the mobile device were updated using a cable connection with a computer or using the ftp protocol through WiFi.

While programming the software for the mobile devices I was creating web applications to display the data collected through the mobile and sent to the Oracle database; I can enumerate lot of the technologies used for the web since 2001 to create the web: Isapi (using Delphi), AJax, Structs, JavaServer Faces (I was beta tester for Borland and they were developing the integration of JavaServer Faces in JBuilder), Flex 3 and Flex 4, and now React and Angular 2.

All the data collected and displayed by the mobile devices and by the web applications are saved in one or more backend system. Over the years I created many different backend system mostly in Java (but sometime in C# too) using Spring Framework 2 and 3, Tomcat and Oracle/MySQL.

The technology I’m using right now for the backend systems are based on microservices and the technologies involved are: Java EE 7, jax-rs 2, RabbitMQ (to allow asyncronous communication between microservices), MySQL and Couchbase (NoSQL) database, AWS and Docker.

For the mobile devices I’m writing native apps for Android and iOS and hybrid apps in Ionic 2; they are working in offline and online mode, they use SQLite and NoSQL database (Couchbase and PouchDB), push messages, SSEĀ  and WebSocket communication; I’m evaluating NativeScript and React Native but I haven’t delivered anything in production yet using these JavaScript/Native frameworks.

In the spare time I create and publish Apps for conferences created and managed by my friends.